2 Best Ways For You to Get Guaranteed Targeted Traffic

You think you heard it all before.  Everyone tells you the same thing about how to get guaranteed targeted traffic to your website.  Yet possibly, you aren’t seeing the results you desire from your efforts.

Before you jump ahead to find the best 2 ways for you to get targeted traffic, you may be better served to understand why many of the things you are doing don’t get you the results you want. You end up exhausting tons of time, money and energy.

If you want guaranteed traffic to your website, you must first decide to be very highly focused.  Eliminate all the distractions causing you to jump from one targeted traffic source to the next.  This includes all the sales ads, and emails telling you about push button systems, magic traffic generation pills, and getting an instant web traffic generator.

I don’t care who told you what, there is no such thing as an instant web traffic generator when you are first starting your online business.  You have to work at it, and you have to stay focused on very specific methods in order to start the guaranteed targeted traffic flowing.

There are essentially 2 big ways to get web traffic targeted for your specific product:

  1. You Buy Internet Traffic
  2. Get Free Internet Traffic

Let’s look at how you buy internet traffic.  You’ve been told through thousands of articles and blog posts to open a pay per click account with Google and just start advertising because it’s easy and cheap.  What you weren’t told is Google is only 20% of the paid traffic sources.  Eighty percent is somewhere else. It’s also cheaper elsewhere.

If you choose to buy internet traffic, it can arrive within minutes.  That’s no exaggeration.  However, it arrives only if you’ve done things correctly.  This is why I don’t recommend you buy internet traffic as a beginner, because one of the reasons you may not be succeeding is you simply don’t know how to do this properly.

This is why I recommend you start with a free traffic source.  If you mess things up here, very little money is lost, and its easily fixed.  There are many free traffic sources, but it all starts with keyword research.

Are you getting the feeling you’ve been cheated?  Well you have.  PPC isn’t easy or cheap if you go to the wrong places.  It can, and will, empty your bank account if you don’t know what you’re doing (or can’t hire someone does).

Free traffic isn’t free.  It takes time, energy, and even some money to set up the sources correctly.  However, having a free traffic source or two in place gets you real, guaranteed targeted traffic, if you did the first step of generating any traffic correctly.  That’s the keyword research.

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Talk to you soon

– Wayne Sharer