My internet company (shaw) has been throttling my P2P traffic. When i called them they tell me that I should upgrade my sevice to mega extreme and that will fix the problem. Well i upgraded and it made it 10x worse. I was on the old system for 3 years and the shaping was bad but tolerable. The new system is flat out horrible. I have called them 5x and i always get a different answer. 1 shaw does not throttle/2 we do throttle just not much/3 we throttle alot4 we dont throttle it is your setting/5 shaw does not permit us (the tech staff) to admit we throttle. this last time i called they told me I should buy the 300$ a month and it will be fine. I went from $50month getting 60kbs speeeds to $90 and a horrible 1kbs max. Now going to 300$ a month and my speeds will be better but not great(exact words i was told) Seems like they took me off the terion(old system) to the new modem just to throttle me more. I got one really cool rep(got his name and #) and he filled me in on everything with a phonecall from home. I find this is a question of free speech and lying about speeds. Can someone bring up a lawsuit(even if i dont win) to bring up awareness?

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